National Health Fund (NFZ)


Please be advised that Basic Healthcare benefits under the National Health Fund
are provided from; Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.

We provide a very short waiting time for an appointment!

Call and make an appointment:
+48 22 382 70 14
+48 664 370 314

Under the contract with the National Health Fund, patients who submit a declaration of choosing a Doctor, Nurses during the registration of our clinic are offered free of charge:

  • medical and nursing advice
  • laboratory tests (within the scope provided for by the National Health Fund)
  • ultrasound examinations (within the scope provided for by the National Health Fund)

National Health Fund,  offer free ultrasound tests:

  • the abdomen and retroperitoneal space, including the initial assessment of the prostate glands
  • kidneys, ureters, bladder
  • peripheral lymph nodes 
  • salivary glands 
  • thyroid and parathyroid glands

and also tests :

  • X-ray examinations (within the scope provided for by the National Health Fund)
  • EKG tests
  • spirometry
  • vaccinations of newborns and children according to the vaccination calendar
  • home visits of a doctor and nurse (only in medically justified cases)
  • referrals to specialists in all specialist clinics with an agreement with the National Health Fund
  • referrals to hospitals, for rehabilitation and spa treatment
  • sanitary transport

Blood samples are collected in the treatment room every day between 07:30 am. and 10:00 am.

Night and holiday medical help:

  • from Monday to Friday from 6.00 pm.- 8.00 am.
  • Saturdays and Sundays around the clock ( a 24 / 7 )

Provided by the SPZOZ Warszawa-Ursynów facility
Romera 4
tel. + 48 22 643-04-97 / +  48 602-680-196

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