Gynecology Medical Center

Gynecology Medical Center 
The Gynecology Medical Center will carry out appointments in Polish, English
Ukrainian, and Russian.
We invite girls, teenagers, and adult women to visit us.

We conduct consultations in English

Make an appointment with a

The Gynecology Medical Center will be open soon. Follow our website.
Call : +48 22 382 70 14  / +48 664 370 314

Medicine for Covid-19

Check the details – how to get the Covid-19 medicine

– how to make an appointment and the criteria according to which the dispensing of the medicine will be carried out and what should be done before making an appointment with a Doctor in the Primary Health Care Clinic
or Internist
Call us and make an appointment – +48 22 382 70 14 or +48 664 370 314  
or use the contact form