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We kindly inform you that due to the doctor’s sick leave, it is currently not possible to make appointments at Gynecology Medical Center and Pediatric Gynecology Medical Center 
If you would like to receive information about when a visit to a gynecologist will be possible, please contact us and leave us your contact details – we will notify you about the possibility of making appointments.

To make an appointment, please contact us via the:
Gynecologist Warsaw – Ursynów

Cost of the visit:

  • consultation: PLN 
  • teleconsultation:

Gynecology Medical Center deals with comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of female diseases, treatment of hormonal disorders, prevention and diagnosis of cervical diseases, inflammations, and tumors of the genital organs, as well as care for a woman in the menopausal period.

We provide health services to women, children, and adolescents up to the age of 18.

We offer ladies:

  • diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the reproductive organ
  • prophylaxis of neoplastic diseases of the reproductive organ (cytological examination of the cervix, ultrasound of the reproductive organ)
  • diagnosis and treatment of abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • diagnostics and treatment of menstrual disorders
  • secondary amenorrhea
  • diagnostics and treatment of androgenization syndromes (hirsutism – hirsutism, acne, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome),
  • hyperprolactinemia caring for a woman in the perimenopausal period (hormone therapy)
  • contraception counseling

We provide medical care in the field of:

  • gynecological consultations – children, adolescents, and adults
  • consultation on the selection of contraception
  • preparation for pregnancy

We perform gynecological treatments:

  • slide cytology
  • liquid cytology
  • removal of the intrauterine device
  • insertion of an intrauterine device (procedure with ultrasound)
  • taking swabs (microbiological culture)

We perform USG: Gynecologist Warsaw – Ursynów

  • Ultrasound of reproductive organs
  • Ultrasound of the reproductive organs – children and teenagers – through the abdominal wall
  • Breast ultrasound

Cost of the visit:

  • consultation :
  • teleconsultations:

Gynecologists Medical Center
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